Innovative Sustainability


Since 2018, Drini I Bardhe has been focused on innovative sustainability surrounding carbon neutrality, better packaging, recycling, and protection of our Drini I Bardhe mountain spring, natural mineral water source, and its surroundings.
The global issues surrounding the lowering of carbon emissions, and PET has been a strong forefront issue for the global environment and our oceans. Clearly PET usage is multi-industry, and it has been difficult throughout the multi-industry to simply replace PET with just any alternatives for key reasons such as; packaging for food protection, medical protection, lighter and easily transportable, and ensuring products can sustain longer.
Naturally many premium beverage producers including ourselves are looking for the best possible and advanced solutions, and in part, some of us are positively working together, to find real solutions that truly works and sustains our global planet. The reality is what needs to be done in the very present, while positive and developing solutions are in process to be realized in the near future.
On our part, we have invested in our own proprietary research and development, and focused on our key technologies developed to realize better packaging and production solutions, on our sustainability actions and our Carbon Neutral goals


Carbon Neutral

As we continue to grow, we are committed to reducing our carbon emissions and footprint now and for the future by our sustainable actions focused on production, packaging, recycling, transport, and source protection, and importantly, obtain our Carbon Neutral certification across our entire production cycle in process by an independent third party based upon the international standards PAS 2060.
** Carbon Neutral certification across our entire production cycle to the international standards PAS 2060 independently certified by GUTcert International Germany under the British Standards Institute.


Our Actions


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Source Protection

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