Source Protection

We will be establishing the Drini I Bardhe Association in 2020/2021, which will be established for the preservation and protection of the Drini I Bardhe mountain spring, natural mineral water source, including its surrounding area and its community. This source is of the utmost importance for the entire region and its people, as the deep history of the Drini I Bardhe water fall (White Water Spring) from the source, is truly considered a natural healing water, so it is truly respected. Fortunately, the surrounding community is still relatively small, and we are in the process of developing different programs to protect the source, and investing in the community. One of these programs will include the planting of additional trees surrounding the source and in the other regions where needed, thus capturing carbon emissions naturally. We consider our water an elixir of life, and a great benefit for the region and its community, as such, we will take the grandest steps to protect this