While we are currently committed to 3rd parties involved in recycling and completing the PET life cycle, Drini I Bardhe will be realizing in 2021 into 2022, a brand new, advanced modern Recycling and Technologies facilities and plant in the Radac region in Kosovo. This is ultimately, a major step further and beyond that which no other premium global beverage and food production company can state. This will be a best in class advance recycling and technology facilities and plant, utilizing 100% renewable energy and systems. Our Recycle and Technologies facilities will utilize our proprietary technologies to implement and engineer the most advanced recycle techniques, and machinery to realize key recycled products from PET, and other materials that in turn will be utilized in our bottle production facilities, and sold into the market and globally.

  •  100% recycled PET (class A) for bottles and packaging)

  •  PET pallets (EU and commercial) (reduces the utilization of construction wood, and
    thus reduces global deforestation)

  •  Materials for construction

  •  Material for clothing

  •  Renewable energy