Our Products


We are proud of our brand, and of the quality and look of our product. From our recent beginnings to where we are now, we are most importantly, proud of the fact of how our customers truly enjoy our premium quality mountain spring, natural mineral water, as they truly feel the positive health, and vitality benefits of its fine quality, and taste. Our brands “Spirit of Drini”, “Drini I Bardhe” and “Drini” natural mineral water are available in practical PET bottles in four sizes – 0.33L, 0.5L, 1.0L, 1.5L – and in elegant GLASS bottles in two sizes – 0.25L and 0.75L. All sizes are available as “Still” pure natural mineral water or “Sparkling” carbonated mineral water.

Under our Innovative Sustainability actions, we are utilizing premium recyclable PET (rPET) for the PET bottle and packaging production, and importantly our natural mineral water quality and taste remains the same. This sustainable action results in greater than 50% lower carbon emissions compared to using virgin PET. We will be utilizing recyclable PET, which will consist of a minimum of 30% recycled PET *, with the goal of 50% or higher recycled PET * in early 2021. Thereafter, upon the completion of the new Drini I Bardhe production facilities, we would utilized 100% recycled PET.

*excludes label and cap

In addition to our Bottle formats, we also sell our premium mountain spring, natural mineral water in BULK. This is sold and transported in 24,000 or 26,000 liter FLEXI TANKS.

Our Labels


We currently offer our brands’ labels (“Spirit of Drini”, “Drini I Bardhe” and “Drini”) in eleven languages; English, Albanian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Arabic,Mandarin, and Russian.
Our quality labels are clear and transparent.

Private Label

Due to the annual output volume of 1.8 billion liters from our source, we are in a position to produce “Private Label” for customers, who meets our criteria such as; type of customer market, quality ranking, and production turnover. This can be of great interest to customers such as; GDOs, Supermarkets, niche hotel chains, food franchises, and including NGOs, and multinational companies, who are providing humanitarian packages and aid to international countries and regions in distress.

All “Drini I Bardhe”, “Spirit of Drini”, and “Drini” name brands, logo images, label wording and images, marketing materials and images are the exclusive and sole intellectual property of Drini I Bardhe SH.P.K. its subsidiaries and affiliates.