Drini I Bardhe - Legacy Water Program

Our Vision

Since 2Q 2019, Drini I Bardhe created and developed an expanded vision for its future. This vision is focused on the real aspects of creating great and successful, long-term opportunities, and benefits for the Republic of Kosovo, and especially for the Radac region, and its communities. We called this vision the “Drini I Bardhe – Legacy Water Program”.

Under our Legacy Water Program, Drini I Bardhe has developed a number of great projects for the Radac region, that realizes the following;


  •  to further expand our manufacturing and production facilities into a major advanced and modern production facility;

  •  to create and expand the quality of jobs in the region;

  • to create and realize educational and training programs for such quality jobs;

  • to increase the growth of a Kosovo production and name brand product, thus bringing stronger recognition from the EU, and globally for Kosovo;

  •  to advance further self-sustainability, self-sufficiency and economic growth for the Radac region and the country;

  • to sustain, protect and preserve the Drini I Bardhe mountain spring, in respect to Sustainability, and Environmental protection, and to sustain environmental programs that clean, protect and improve the quality of our planet;

  • to attract additional investment for the development of other high level businesses such as; premium medical facilities and clinics within the region;

  • the Legacy Water Program, would be in a strong position to gain recognition on the regional, and global platforms through various entrepreneurial and educational sponsorships activities, especially related to social development and sports.

Thus our vision of our Legacy Water Program brings a great number of successful benefits for the Republic of Kosovo, the Radac region, and its communities.


Current Projects – 2020

– Drini I Bardhe Water Production Facilities

Drini I Bardhe is expanding its manufacturing and production facilities at its Peja-Nosevelle location in the Radac region, by realizing a completely new, from the ground up, advanced modern production facilities and plant, utilizing 100% renewable energy, sustainable waste recovery systems, and innovative packaging systems. This new production plant will be approx. 11,000 sqm in size, with the goal of producing greater than 1/2 billion liters per annum, with its own logistics hub.

This project is scheduled for initial realization in 2021 with its completion in 2022.


– Drini Recycle Technologies Facilities

Drini I Bardhe is taking its innovative sustainability towards Carbon Neutral a great step forward, by the realization of a completely new, advanced modern Recycling and Technologies facilities and plant in the Radac region in Kosovo. This is ultimately, a major step further and beyond, that which no other premium global beverage and food production company can state. This will be a best in class advance recycling and technology facilities and plant, utilizing 100% renewable energy and systems. Our Recycle and Technologies facilities will utilize our proprietary technologies to implement and engineer the most advanced recycle techniques, and machinery to realize key recycled products from PET, and other materials that in turn will be utilized in our bottle production facilities, and sold into the market and globally.


  • 100% recycled PET (class A) for bottles and packaging);

  • PET pallets (EU and commercial) (reduces the utilization of construction wood, and thus reduces global deforestation);

  •  Materials for construction;

  • Material for clothing;

  •  Renewable energy.

The facilities will also engineer and realize different types of machinery for different types of usage and will carry the “Made in Kosovo” stamp, thus will be a great benefit for the Republic of Kosovo. This recycling and technologies facilities will be across three plants each being approx. 5,000 sqm in size on one compound.

This project is scheduled for initial realization in 2021 with its completion in 2022.



Drini I Bardhe has started the realization of its vision, its Legacy Water Program in late 2019,
and has continued this process throughout 2020, a year in which will forever be remembered due to the global Covid issue. While we have had to all deal with this issue locally, and globally, we are pleased to announce that we have had great success for our initial realization of the two projects from our Legacy Water Program.